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The Junior Program

Class Schedule and Details

Hawaii State Ballet is noted for its excellence in training in the state of Hawaii, and has also been acknowledged by ballet schools on the mainland.

Children are enrolled in the school in the beginning levels, or by a class audition for the higher levels. Beginning ballet classes offer a simple introduction to the art form. Students are progressed up the nine levels of the Junior Program as their individual abilities develop and improve. The number of classes per week increases to assure proper conditioning for the more difficult ballet vocabulary.

Pointe work begins when the student achieves proper and consistent technique, strength and alignment, and has progressed to the fourth level class. Advanced Junior Company level classes require more discipline, dedication and focus in order to attain the technical proficiency and meet the demands required of a professional dancer.

Creative Movement

kids dance ballet program

A whirlwind of creative fun specifically for 3 year olds. Age appropriate introductory dance movement for little ones, taps into your child's love of imagination, music, and rhythm, and develops strong motor skills and musicality.

Saturdays 10:00 - 10:30

Junior Program Junior Company

Adult Classes

Adult Class Schedule and Details

Ballet Basics

Ballet Basics is for teens and adults with no previous experience or who wish to reconnect with former ballet training as exercise.

The class is taught by Gina Surles and covers the basic ballet fundamentals from the traditional barre warm-up to exercises moving across the floor. All exercises are geared towards the beginner and carefully explained for a fun and stress-free experience, and serve as an excellent preparation for advancement into Adult Beginning Level 2.

Ms. Surles has been an instructor and ballet mistress at HSB since 1983 and loves to inspire beginners of all ages to study this beautiful art form and to pursue their individual dancing goals.

The class meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm.

Higher Levels

Hawaii State Ballet offers open classes for teens and adults working at a Ballet 2 level, taught by Carrie Siko, to Intermediate and Advanced levels taught by John Landovsky.

The most advanced dancers are invited to join the Junior Company which is a pre-professional program designed especially for the serious student, and which provides frequent performing opportunities.

A greater variety of enrollment methods are available for adults, from single classes to four-class or eight-class cards to enrollment.